Josephine is co-founder and director of Arabesque Burlesque. She performed in the NYC, Boston, Colorado, and Vancouver burlesque festivals, was chosen to compete at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas and was voted in Canada's top ten burlesque performers in 2014. She is know for a style that mixes strong characters with classical dance and mime.

Joséphine teaches Burlesk Fitness,Tease 101, Burlesque Dance 201 and Class B.


The blossoming career of Frenchy Jones began unexpectedly in 2008 after she accidentally tumbled headlong into a barrel of sparkles. Ever since, she has been bumping and grinding her way into the hearts and trousers of Montreal’s burlesque affectionados. Improvisation, joie de vivre, quirkiness and sometimes just plain silliness are all hallmarks of Miss Jones’ performances. 

Frenchy also teaches the Class B.


Founder of the Montreal Burlesque Festival , Ambassador of Burlesque glam all around the world, from Paris to Shanghai, London, Brazil, Japan, Las Vegas and everywhere in between! Scarlett James has shared the spotlight with the biggest names of the industry. An artist in her genes, she creates all of her costumes, acts and props, with the loving help of her Mom. Moms are the best! She has a Book: Burlesque, The True Art of Seduction http://www.burlesquethebook.com.