Josephine grew up a trained dancer and studied in mime and theatre before diving into burlesque. She toured North America to learn from her burlesque idols and taught her first workshops alongside her mentor, BonBon Bombay, in 2012. She is founder and director of the Academie Arabesque Burlesque. Josephine's passion is to dissect the art of the tease in a way that is systematic and easy to understand. Her students are her greatest inspiration.

Josephine teaches Burlesk Fitness, Tease 101, Burlesque Dance 201 and Class B

Photo by Mary Elam

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The blossoming career of Frenchy Jones began unexpectedly in 2008 after she accidentally tumbled headlong into a barrel of sparkles. Ever since, she has been bumping and grinding her way into the hearts and trousers of Montreal’s burlesque affectionados. Improvisation, joie de vivre, quirkiness and sometimes just plain silliness are all hallmarks of Miss Jones’ performances. 

Frenchy teaches Class B with Lady Josephine

Photo by Frank Lam

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Elle Diabloe has been a fixture in the Montreal burlesque scene since 2005. She has been a performer, a producer, a choreographer. Elle is a triple threat performer, but her first love is dance. She has been trained in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and latin. She has taught dance for the City of Westmount and McGill University. She is an accomplished choreographer, most recently having worked with Mainline Theatre and The Segal Centre.

Elle teaches Danse Burlesque 201

Photo by Andrea Hausmann

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Honey Lustre is known for her high-energy antics and sticky sweet smile. Since graduating from Class B in Fall 2016, she has been one busy bee showcasing her talents internationally while completing her masters degree in kinesiology. She is a trained dancer,  fitness instructor, and personal trainer with enough optimism to give you a toothache. Classes will be primarily taught in English. Thankfully body language is universal. 

Honey occasionally teaches Burlesk Fitness

Photo by Marisa Parisella



A music aficionado, feminist activist and fierce rock ’n’ roll queen, meet the rockstar of Montreal burlesque! Sugar Vixen began her artistic journey as a professionally trained hip hop dancer and also trained in jazz ballet and salsa. Her burlesque journey paralleled with feminism and thus she enjoys elements of creative self-expression and sexual freedom within this art form. She is known for her saucy bump and grind and punk rock attitude. 

Photo by Marisa Parisella



Founder of the Montreal Burlesque Festival , Ambassador of Burlesque glam all around the world, from Paris to Shanghai, London, Brazil, Japan, Las Vegas and everywhere in between! Scarlett James has shared the spotlight with the biggest names of the industry. She creates all of her costumes, acts and props, with the loving help of her Mom. Moms are the best! She has a Book: Burlesque, The True Art of Seduction.

Scarlett teaches specialized workshops each session

Photo by Andrea Hausmann