Montreal Burlesque Festival 2017


LOCATION - All of our classes are given at The Wiggle Room (3874 Blvd St Laurent, Montreal), 2nd floor.

REGISTRATION - Registration for this series of workshops is mandatory and will be open until October 17, 2017. Space is limited for each class so sign up now!



1) We use the platform "MINDBODY" for our registrations. If you already have an account, sign-in to register for workshops. If you are a new student, create your MindBody profile, here

2) From the "Classes" tab view the schedule for the week of October 21st and click "S'inscrire" for ANY one of the multiple workshops you would like to register for

3) Click "Réservez une cours (a la carte) ou workshop (MBF et autres)"

4) Choose the payment option that applies to the total number of workshops you would like to register for

5) Complete payment

6) Return to the "Classes" tab and click "S'inscrire" for each of the other workshops you would like to register for. The system will apply your existing payment to these registration and won't ask you to pay again. Voilà!


“The Ultimate Guide to Knocking them Dead: Burlesque character and proper stage deportment”

Oct 21st at 12:30PM with Dirty Martini

Have you always wondered why some people “have it” and some people don’t? When you see a performer that seems to not only own what they’re doing, but also the stage around them and the seat you are sitting in, do you ask what it is that they’ve got that makes them so special? Do you wonder how it’s possible that a performer can capture an audience and make you feel as if they are looking right at you? Having “it” is not a birthright; it’s a technique that can be learned. The mystery is now solved. (see registration page for full description)

Cost : $40


“ABC’s of Choreographies: Burlesque composition"

Oct 21st at 2PM with Dirty Martini

A good and engaging burlesque number tells a very quick story or paints an abstract picture. Miss Martini holds a BFA in Dance and Choreography from Purchase College, one of the top 3 dance colleges in the US. In this workshop, she uses principles of modern dance choreography to create movement, define structure and use the space fully. Learn from her many years creating the neo-burlesque movement using the vocabulary of classic burlesque and performance art. (see registration page for full description)

Cost : $40



Oct 21st at 3PM with Missy Lisa

This is where you will get the lift, firmness and roundness you want. Bootylates will work you, strengthen you, stretch you and help you get stronger. Your clothes will fit you better, you will feel better and others will notice the difference, too.

Bootylates is not just a workout but, an experience for your body and for a fit lifestyle. Get BOOTY TIGHT with Bootylates!

Cost : $30 for just this one or, $45 with "Girl Power!"

"Girl Power! Beginner's burlesque workshop"

Oct 21st at 4PM with Sukki Singapora

I'll be teaching burlesque for beginners, or those who want to go back to basics, including best angles, signature moves, and how to work both the audience and the camera, including self-confidence.

Cost : $30 for just this one or, $45 with "Girl Power!"