''I loved it! Your little Clin d'Oeil made the session so fun!
Today made me get in touch with myself, discover my body and feel beautiful inside out.''
- Student Feedback



(FR) Lady Josephine offre des cours privés de une heure et demie ou de deux heures. Ils s'adressent autant aux gens qui ont envie d'une découverte de la sensualité guidée, qu'à ceux qui veulent apprendre à faire un striptease privé, ou encore aux artistes de burlesque, de cirque et aux modèles. Il peut s'agir aussi d'entraînement physique en mouvements burlesques, cabaret et showgirl. On pourra personnaliser le matériel selon vos besoins.

(EN) The Lady Josephine offers private coaching sessions of 1.5 to 2hrs. These private learning experiences are for those interested in connecting with their sensual side, those wanting the skills for an engaging striptease at home, as well as those in show business. She is known for her skills in act coaching and has worked with many artists in burlesque, circus, runway modelling to bring their show to the next level. Private classes can also be focused on physical training in burlesque, showgirl and cabaret dance. Material is always costomized to suit the client's goals.

$50/hr (taxes inclus)


(FR) Veuillez noter que si vous voulez annuler un cours privé, il vous faut le faire au moins 24h à l'avance sans quoi nous vous demanderons de débourser 50% du prix total / (EN) Note that in the case of a cancellation, at least 24hrs notice must be given. If the appointment is cancelled less than 24hrs in advance of the booking, a payment of half of the total price will be required